United against the common enemy

If the new kids get to integrate the square, according to Aurélien Matter, this is because “most entrepreneurs share the same vision of the vape and want to go in the same direction” – in other words, is undo tobacco and defend against the common enemy: the tobacco lobbyists. His shop is Sweet and Vapes, which opened in the rue du Faubourg Saverne there four months. Aurélien Matter injected EUR 30 000 in its stock and the local he renovated himself.

Ten places this elegant tea room/shop now host about 40 clients per day, as vapoteurs qu’initiés beginners. In both cases, most of its customers are “faithful”. This former bartender 29 years has also started selling electronic cigarettes autoentrepreneur and side of his business, before settling. Best Bet: its turnover exploded its projected 300%. This enables him to employ two employees since November. Aurélien, the market remains “wild but not aggressive ” and its frame still floating, ” we do not really know what to expect with the tobacco lobbies”.

According Aurélien Matter, the best way to resist the competition that may be increasingly fierce, is finding a concept, so that vapoteurs do not go in his shop by accident. Sweet & Vapes plans to expand in April 2014 to become a ” bar vape ” on the model of ” shisha bars “. Aurélien Matter would also open other outlets in Alsace and elsewhere, but not in the immediate future, we must see how the regulation of products is changing …

In Strasbourg, he does not also want to create franchise:

“My clients are ready to cross the city to find here what they do not have elsewhere. They simply do not seek very specific products but advice and a unique atmosphere”.

After the agreement of Brussels. the electronic cigarette should finally have a Merry Christmas

Community vapoteurs feared the worst from Europe. But member states and the European Parliament have finally signed an agreement, under the new legislation on tobacco, today Wednesday, December 18, harbinger beautiful days the electronic cigarette.

Relief in vapoteurs.

Sigh of relief rechargeable electronic cigarette will always be available. With the removal of these, which had been proposed, and the only conservation of those single cartridge, it was announced the death of vapotage. Indeed, rechargeable cigarettes are 95% of the market. Refills, however, will be limited to 2 ml, which corresponds to a dozen types of electronic cigarettes. The dosage of nicotine also appeared as one of the points of delicate negotiation.

As requested by the European Parliament, it is now set at 20mg/ml, a limit which remains entirely correct since it corresponds to the needs of very heavy smokers. Dozens of flavors currently available are a priori more danger, despite the willingness of Europe, at first, to make them disappear in favor of the only perfumes already used in nicotine replacement . Nothing was gained in this tussle between the member countries of the EU and the European Parliament, which never ceased to postpone their decision.

Status of the e-cigarette: no big changes.

Countries of the European Union classifying the electronic cigarette as a drug will continue to do so, while the rest, they will be under no obligation to come here. In short, the status of the electronic cigarette is the same. Its sale is still forbidden to minors. In terms of the advertising, either no novelty.

Good news for all fans of Vapoteuse, consumers or dealers, but they must also be prepared to have to deal with future conflicts, predictable, as earlier, between the reseller of electronic cigarettes to his neighbor manager tobacconist, Haute -Garonne, the portends.

A legal vacuum around the electronic cigarette and nicotine

Carrot-buralisteca made ​​the front of the press. The e-cigarette accused of unfair competition by a seller of tobacco Plaisance-du-Touch, in the region of Toulouse.

Although this tobacconist has reason to be worried about the future of his shop when he saw a sign electronic cigarettes settle beside him, his approach nevertheless raises many controversial issues.

One course seeks to save his business and his source of income, although it is based on poisoning, disease and often death of its customers, but especially hope to impose on Europe to implement a binding rules to prevent cannibalism of the market by electronic cigarettes and maintain its turnover decreased only death so far.

Tobacco Toulouse can he speak of unfair competition?

The term unfair competition is eligible criminally because the success of one will affect the commerce of the other. However, the law is different for each of them, you can hear when it is the law itself which is accused of having caused this situation.

The tobacconist reproaches his “competitor” have the right to publicly promote and sell products nicotines must, by definition, be under the auspices and the state, and the tobacco industry pays already expensive enough in restriction to claim the share of the pie too.