A legal vacuum around the electronic cigarette and nicotine

Carrot-buralisteca made ​​the front of the press. The e-cigarette accused of unfair competition by a seller of tobacco Plaisance-du-Touch, in the region of Toulouse.

Although this tobacconist has reason to be worried about the future of his shop when he saw a sign electronic cigarettes settle beside him, his approach nevertheless raises many controversial issues.

One course seeks to save his business and his source of income, although it is based on poisoning, disease and often death of its customers, but especially hope to impose on Europe to implement a binding rules to prevent cannibalism of the market by electronic cigarettes and maintain its turnover decreased only death so far.

Tobacco Toulouse can he speak of unfair competition?

The term unfair competition is eligible criminally because the success of one will affect the commerce of the other. However, the law is different for each of them, you can hear when it is the law itself which is accused of having caused this situation.

The tobacconist reproaches his “competitor” have the right to publicly promote and sell products nicotines must, by definition, be under the auspices and the state, and the tobacco industry pays already expensive enough in restriction to claim the share of the pie too.