If you’ve been diagnosed with BPH, you may be concerned whether it will have an effect on your sexual function. The answer is – it might. However not all men with BPH will suffer from erectile dysfunction. ED is not a symptom of an enlarged prostate, though it is some treatments that can cause problems with erection.

Ahead of age followed by BPH symptoms, such as sleeplessness and anxiety which can make sexual disorders worse, standard medical therapy for BPH can further exacerbate sexual dysfunction. Therefore only an urologist can assess men’s health and decide which treatment is best for each particular case.Image result for do all men with bph suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Medications that might have sexual side effects are:

• 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The development of impotence due to these medications intake is attributed to decrease in nitric oxide activity related to DHT levels decline. This interferes with erections and lowers sex drive.
• Anticholinergics. These work by blocking the action of a chemical that triggers bladder contractions, thus delaying urge to urinate. Their use can also tell on sexual function, but in this case cheapest generic drugs can help cope with ED.
• Alpha blockers. These medications can have an impact on ejaculation. Besides, certain alpha blockers cannot be taken together with ED pills. So, always talk to your doctor before taking medications for erectile dysfunction with other drugs.
• Surgery for BPH. Nerve damage during surgery and trauma to soft erectile tissues increases atrophy of the penile muscle, resulting in ED and retrograde ejaculation. Although, in most cases erectile function is regained within a year of surgery, men can buy drugs online which help restore sexual function and self-confidence.
At the same time, treatment for impotence can help with BPH symptoms. This happens because PDE5 inhibitors relax not only arteries to allow more blood to the penis, but also cause small blood vessels in the bladder and prostate to open up, which improves urinary symptoms.
If you suffer from BPH or have developed ED symptoms, inquire your doctor about treatments to choose from http://www.best-pharmacy.net or adjustments you need if you already receive medications.