Finding the Ideal Plastic Surgeon

Finding the Ideal Plastic Surgeon

In the industry of , very few licensed Filipino cosmetic surgeons specializing in hi-definition vaser liposuction surgery offer their services locally. Most of them go abroad or serve other nationalities from other countries for a higher income. On the other hand, this incident proves that surgery and liposuction in the Philippines is relatively very low contributing to the increase in getting surgery services as well as liposuction. Since there are different cosmetic surgery services with each having their own varying prices, I decided to make this article and help those who are looking for the right service and the right professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery and liposuction in the Philippines.

To start off, allow me to list below some of the most popular services that one can avail regarding services of a professional and licensed cosmetic surgery for men and women. Also for your information and guidance, the process involved in surgery has a general procedure and technique called as body contouring. This is a standard general term used for such services while on the other hand there is a lot of varying cosmetic surgery prices corresponding with each type of service.

As an initial tip, before undergoing any treatment or surgery in our breast, please be advised that you have to check for qualifications of your physician in terms of standards as well as have an initial check up of your personal condition. In the case of the different plastic surgery and surgeons in the Philippines, they have to possess professional license as well as know about the latest technology in their profession. This will serve as a strong indication that your surgeon is just what you are looking for. Just FYI, the latest technology in liposuction in the Philippines offered by licensed cosmetic surgeons is called as vaser liposuction and liposelection. Also you should first know the risks and know it outright by asking for an initial result analysis on your pre-surgery checkup.

breast lift breast liposuction breast reduction breast enhancement gynecomastia treatment using vaser technology



upper eyelid surgery or eye deepsetting or double eyelid creation eyebags removal noselift or rhinoplasty facelift and browlift wrinkle removal freckle removal


cosmetic surgery license board or board-eligible plastic surgeon member of duly recognized cosmetic surgeons association in the Philippines must have at least attended 5-6 years of formal training in cosmetic surgery in an accredited and duly recognized hospital in the Philippines years of practice, credentials and experience as a whole must at least possess hospital privileges consultation treatment and analysis of results must be well defined and conclusive clinics attended and hospitals served


The latest technology used by most plastic surgeons and liposuction professionals in the Philippines is called as . This procedure is today’s most advance fat-removal technology in the liposuction and cosmetic surgery Philippines. This procedure is also a patented trademark used to remove all sorts of fats in the body of a person. stomach, waist, buttocks, breasts, hips, knees, chest, neck, chin, back, arms, thighs and ankle. This technology is a selective procedure that allows the surgeon to select tissues to remove unwanted fat cells with the use of ultrasonic technology.

Aside from this latest liposuction technology being proven effective and skillfully advisable today by most surgeons compared to the traditional surgery methods, it is now widely recognized by all professional surgeons and liposuction professional in the Philippines. Using this technique also offer less pain as well as bruises and is also proven to offer a much faster recovery time for the patient. This is because the incision made by the surgeon with this process is literally smaller so they heal quickly than any other types of surgery. Vaser liposelection is also good in body contouring and sculpting which is offered for those who already have good body form but would like to enhance it more.

How much does a liposuction or a surgery cost? This is usually the first question asked by those who are interested to seek services on liposuction or surgery in the Philippines or anywhere in the world. My personal opinion is that if you are to have a procedure done in the United States ore anywhere in the world, it is more likely that it will cost you more than it would if you have it done in the Philippines. The reasons is pretty easy to understand and almost no need for further explanation, however, if your basis of having a job done for you on such a sensitive matter, your choices should not be influenced by the but instead it should be based on the surgeon who will do the job. In this case, to arrive with excellent results, try to consider the different qualifications I have listed above. I’m pretty sure that it will do you best if you really want to look good and feel good with the use of liposuction or surgery in the Philippines.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    For good or ill, there is no law against rudeness (e.g., yelling, staring down, failure to respond via paperwork in lieu of office visit), even for physicians. However, you CAN make yourself heard by posting your experience here:

    Looks like you're not the only one.

    ~Dr. B.~

  2. Aya J says:

    Plastic Surgery?
    Very good, you got one of the issues done. Here some thoughts you may want to consider.

    * Not all who have cosmetic surgery done, do it for the reason of fitting into the beauty picture of society or because of psychological problems.
    * Some had an accident and are happy to find reconstruction of their body.
    * Some were boin with a disfigurement, e.g. a cleft lip.
    * Some greatly suffered from teasing, e.g. for a big hook nose. They may find relief.
    * Some feel that they need cosmetic surgery to stay in business, e.g. as a model or actor/actress.
    You may find more reasons.

    * The dangers of cosmetic surgery e.g. are: the result is not to the contentment of the patient; the side effects, e.g. of silicon breast implants, are high and can be deadly; pain can remain for years to come; implanted plastic parts may cause problems; etc.

    It is always best to weigh the pros and the cons before deciding on plastic surgery: will the results outweigh the disadvantages?

    Just as a side thought:
    In general, a brain storming is the first step, writing all ideas down that come to mind without any judgment. Then sorting out the ideas, organizing the ones to be used into segments, ordering the segments and then writing the paragraphs.

    The organizing work before writing is essential, saves a lot of time (outline, table of content) and help to focus the paragraophs on one issue to avoid unnecessary repeat.

    You made a great start! You could integrate more ideas and organize them to make sense for a good reading.

  3. Christella58 says:

    SHEEEEEEEEESH I can NEVER get past him :/

  4. Christella58 says:

    Also at 3:04
    That was seriously close! You have luck on your side :)

  5. alixperdomo says:

    how you get combos so highs ??

  6. alixperdomo says:

    how you get combos so highs ??

  7. randomdude says:

    Wow I actually read it all and um…well, I'd like to wish him good luck but i think he'd be better off with a pet rock…he sounds like an intelligent loony-ish person with a lot of … pet peeves. If he ever has kids, I pity them. There's no such thing as the PERFECT housemate – both people have to compromise.

  8. bighands90 says:

    1) Hold? your breath.

    2) Copy? all? of?? these? steps.

    3) Go? to? two? other video.

    4) Paste it? in??? the comments.

    If???? you?? can? do all? of? this? without??? breathing you’re??? a?? good pot? smoker?

  9. cheonxxx says:

    @badmonkeyballplayer its easier to play the ipod version i have it

  10. RobloxFeli says:

    The Music is really goes good to this video! :D

  11. badmonkeyballplayer says:

    Did anyone realised that playing on ipod touch is hard but the time limit is way more than the flash version?

  12. wacnac1 says:

    @RobloxFeli 1st best animated band.

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