Gallstones are the hard deposit in the digestive fluid formed in the gallbladder. Normally, the Gallbladder is small and pear-shaped organ located beneath the liver. It produces digestive fluids called as the Bile, and it comes in the small intestine. The Gallstones are formed in the variety of sizes, and most of them usually are smaller while others are big that could cause the more severe problem to the health condition.

The primary function of the gallbladder is to store the Bile which is the substances that are secreted by the liver for the digestion of the food products. Bile contents would crystallize later forms gallstones. Primarily, the Gallstones will be smaller as that of the grain of salt but later grows into the size of golf ball and it would cause the serious problem. Gallstones could block the ducts so that it would cause the gallbladder to be inflamed.  When the gallstones pass into the main bile duct from gallbladder duct, it will create a severe infection that could lead to the inflammation of the pancreas.

People who experience the common symptom of the gallstones usually think that the modern gallbladder removal surgery is best option to solve the problem. However, there are many techniques available to remove gallstones without surgery easily. No side effects are seen with following the natural remedial process to remove the gallstones from the gallbladder.

What Causes Gallstones And Its Symptoms?

Some people have the Gallstones in their gallbladder but never exhibits with any symptoms, but others would have severe pain. The leading cause for the formation of gallstone is usually by the medical practitioners. Usually, Gallstones are caused when:

  • Gallbladder is not empty correctly
  • When bile contains more cholesterol level
  • Over Weight
  • Improper diet
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Strong correlation between bacteria Helicobacter pylori and gallstones

Treatment for the gallstones is most necessary for avoiding the progression that could also result in the severe conditions like acute cholecystitis that could cause Gallbladder to become inflamed as well as infected easily. Patients are having the Acute Cholecystitis need to bring in the hospital for receiving the pain medications, Antibiotics, and often the surgery. Some of the common symptoms of the gallstones are

  • Sudden intensifying pain in right portion of abdomen
  • Vomiting
  • Other digestive problems
  • Back pain in shoulder blades
  • Pain in right shoulder
  • Rapid and sudden intensifying pain in abdomen
  • Nausea

How To Remove Gallstones Without Surgery:

Surgery is not the only option for removing the Gallstones. In fact, it is the invasive and expensive option that needs to be the last resort. To dissolve gallstones without surgery, you need to consider important two things. First one is maintaining healthy lifestyle taking a right healthy meal. The second one is making the right medication for balancing the pH, reduces stress on organs and improves the liver health. Lipican, Xembran, GC, and Acidim also help to solve the condition without any kind of side effects. Laparoscopic removal of the gallbladder is publicized as the safe option to deal with the health condition however efficiently; the surgery is rife with the complication. Most of the Medical practitioners also refuse to acknowledge or accredit other forms of treatment and fails to offer the logical explanation.

Gallstones: Oral Bile Acids:

Gallstones could be easily treated with the medicine and certain chemicals such as chenodiol, or ursodiol could easily dissolve the gallstone. Usually these work with efficiently thinning bile and allow the gallstones to get dissolved. Pills could be effective as well as well tolerable by the patients and medical treatments of the gallstones.

Gallbladder Cleanses:

Most people also claim that the gallbladder flush or cleanse could be helpful to break up gallstones to easily empty gallbladder. No scientific evidence supports the claim as our human body can cleanse and flush itself. However, when you are looking to remove gallstones without surgery then follow the procedure. Consume more combination of juice, olive oil, and herbs for about 2 or more days. No oil mixture must be consumed and no standard recipe or mixture.


Artichoke is more beneficial for the function of the Gallbladder. Normally, it helps to stimulate the bile by adding more useful for the liver. Artichoke treatment could be easily streamed, grilled or pickled. Eating artichoke is no harm when you can tolerate.

According to recent research, about 25% newly diagnosed patients having the treatment requires immediate treatment. Usually, the person with the Gallstones has pain in their right side of the body or upper abdomen. To remove gallstones without surgery, you can conveniently follow techniques in the much more efficient way.