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Make it Count - Petition Gathering Instructions
Floridians for Medical Rights Volunteers
Thanks for offering to collect signatures, however you need to realize these petitions are legal documents. Each petition must meet certain requirements to be counted towards our goal. You need to ask questions of EACH signer to see if they qualify to sign. These requirements are set by the State of Florida and are strictly adhered to. They literally hand check (and charge us to do so) each petition we turn in. The legal requirements for a petition to count are:
  1. The person must be currently registered to vote in Florida. [Look them in the eye, hand them the clipboard and ask: "Hi! Are you registered to vote in Florida?"]
  2. They must have voted or registered to vote within the last two years. ["Did you vote for President in 1996 or Governor last November?]
  3. The address must be the address on their voter's registration. [Is this the same address you lived at when you registered to vote? (If not, they need to re-register)]
  4. The name they sign and the name on their voter's registration must match exactly. [Did you use your middle name or middle initial, get divorced or married since you registered to vote? No Mr./Mrs.]
  5. The signature must match with the signature on file.
  6. They can only sign the petition once during the entire campaign. [Have you ever signed the medical marijuana petition before?]

Other stuff that needs to be on the petition:

EITHER their date of birth OR their voter's registration number.
DATE the petition was signed.

We are charged 10 cents to check each petition for all the details listed above.

Disqualified ballots will be disastrous to getting this on the ballot, so PLEASE question each signer carefully. We need 435,000 VALID signatures to get on the ballot, with a cost of over $43,500 to have the petitions checked. Please, if you agree to do this:


Turn in Procedure: Separate and count the petitions by county, write down how many petitions are from each county. Mark your initials in the lower right corner of EACH petition. Check for completeness and send to main office (P.O. Box 290054/Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-0054) A.S.A.P. Call the state office at 954-763-1799 any time you have questions.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world...
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead



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