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Toni Leeman response to the Miami Herald- Letters to the Editor

Thank you for pointing out the madness of current law in your editorial "Dazed and Confused on Medical Marijuana". Florida has a flip-flop attitude towards medical marijuana. The legislature encouraged research and allowed its use under controlled studies in the early 1980's. Now the politically popular sentiment is to patently denounced marijuana's medical benefits, even as the National Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine, releases its report claiming there are indeed many medical uses for marijuana.

In 1988 Judge Mark Polen (now seated in the 4th DCA) issued an opinion in a criminal case where a legally blind woman was arrested for cultivation of marijuana for her own personal use in treating glaucoma. His words I believe bear repeating: (State v. Musikka, Broward Circuit Court, December 28, 1988)

"Unless legislators and regulators heed these urgent human needs and rapidly move to correct the anomaly arising from the absolute prohibition of marijuana, which forces law-abiding citizens into the streets -- and criminality -- to meet their legitimate needs, cases of this type will become increasingly common in the coming years. There is a pressing need for a more compassionate, humane law..."
Judge Mark E. Polen

Eleven years later and there still is a pressing need. Our legislature is adamantly against carving any compassionate niche in the law. Which is why there is currently a citizen led initiative drive in Florida, as there was in California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Oregon and Colorado, that would allow legal protection for medical marijuana users with a doctor's recommendation.
The politicians do not listen to reason, science, evidence or even opinion polls. It is up to the public to educate them with our vote.
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