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07.22.1999 / news:  Pivotal Medical Marijuana Trial In Levy County, FL. Attracts Human Rights Watch
Family in Bronson, FL takes Jury Trial for Cultivation of Medical Marijuana.
The Jury selection and trial for Joseph Tacl, his wife and son Anne and Michael will commence at 9:30 a.m. on Monday 26th July in Bronson at the Levy County Courthouse. The Tacl's Attorneys and Doctors will present a medical necessity defense to answer charges of cultivation of five marijuana plants. The FL Supreme Court last month upheld the right of Floridians to present this defense.

Patients and advocates from all over Florida with Chronic Pain related to Spinal Injury, AIDS, MS, and Lou Gherigs Disease will be among those participating in a Human Rights vigil and display. Some protestors have vowed to camp on the Courthouse lawn throughout the estimated three-day trial.

After being hit by a car as a pedestrian Joe Tacl sustained multiple fractures to his back and is permanently Disabled. Tacl has an international prescription for marijuana from Holland and one from California under Proposition 215. The marijuana helps to reduce Joe’s pain and muscle spasms.

According to Tacl spokesperson Kevin Aplin " This is a malicious prosecution; Out of state and international prescriptions for marijuana are protected by law; after the Supreme Court recognition last month why is the only treatment available in Florida still arrest and jail?"

Mr. Tacl is one of over of three hundred plaintiffs who have sued the Federal Government in a class action for access to a medical marijuana supply.

To arrange interviews with the Family, Attorneys, Doctors and Patients attending what should be the Last Medical Marijuana Trial in FL, please contact Kevin Aplin at (352) 378-9836.

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