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April 15 - April 16: Florida Freedom 2000 Conference

08.19.1999 / news:  Grandma Lee continues her Journey for Justice
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08.13.1999 / news:  Exploring ways to Administer Marijuana as a Medicine
reported in Scientific American

07.29.1999 / news:  Father and Son Convicted in Medical Marijuana Case. Jury Denied Crucial Evidence
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07.22.1999 / news:  Pivotal Medical Marijuana Trial In Levy
County, FL Attracts Human Rights Watch.
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06.28.1999 / news:  Miami Herald takes editorial position on medical marijuana
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06.04.1999 / news: Supreme court of Florida allows Medical Necessity Defense to stand.
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05.27.1999 / news: ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT
From the ACLU Legislative Network:
In the waning hours of the recent legislative session, a floor amendment was passed to Senate Bill 748 which appears to prohibit "publicly funded" pretrial release programs in Florida. The amendment was offered by Senator Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Miami) at the request of Ronald Book who represents the bail bond industry before the Florida Legislature.
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