If you are undergoing through addiction of opiates, then you should go for the Methadone clinic. They will provide you with proper treatment which will help you to quit the addiction. There are some of the people who want to know what is Methadone Maintenance and effectiveness? The answer for the same is it is a treatment which will include a long-term prescription.

If you are committed to the methadone maintenance for one year then surely you are going to see some of the positive changes which will help you to keep clean and fit.

What Is Eligibility Of Methadone Maintenance?

When talking about methadone maintenance the then the first thing is to go to the doctor as he will assess you accurately. Any person who is suffering from addiction can go for the methadone maintenance. You should not be scared as they are going to tell you some of the tips which will help you to protect from the further complication with an opiate.

If you want to get treated quickly, then keep in mind about your goal. There are some of the drawbacks which can be faced by the people when undergoing treatment. When you are on extreme stage, then there are probable chances that doctor can’t help you to cure the problem.

How Can One Undergo From Assessment?

If you want to get the safest treatment, then make sure that the person is treating you should have all the updated information. You should likely tell them about:

  • Demographic information about age, date of birth and sex.
  • Tell them about medical history which includes sexually transmitted disease.
  • Physical history when you are facing the problem of mental stress which includes depression and anxiety.
  • All the detailed information about past or present drug reports.

When you are undergoing through the treatment, for the first two months is very dangerous. If you are not loyal to the treatment, then there are probable chances that you are risking your life.

Treatment Provided By Methadone Clinics

Methadone will provide treatment for both the outpatient and inpatient level of care. After you have completed the initial assessment, then your treatment will be started. If you are the patient who is on an extreme level, then you will be treated with the inpatient treatment. If you are consuming multiple drugs, then it is a high-risk activity, and you will go with the proper treatment which will go on for the extended time period. Proper precautions should be taken which will ensure your safety.

Is Treatment Voluntary?

The process of consent will include some of the facility services which include rules, expectation, and procedure. It is the treatment which is voluntary for 100%. If you are signing in with the treatment, then you have to complete the process. When you are leaving the treatment in between then there are chances that you can face the problem.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment Looks Like

For the first two weeks, you are certainly going to face a lot of difficulties. When starting with the initial dosage then it will only go up to 40 mg, and gradually your medication will be increased. The approximate duration of the treatment will be six months to one year.

You should connect with the clinic which is going to provide you with entrusted services. You can also go on http://www.smcrecovery.com to know some of the remedies for the problem.


We have mentioned some of the facts which are related to methadone maintenance. When you are undergoing proper and systematic treatment, then you are going to see useful results. But if you are very careless with your dosage, then it can prove to be deceptive.