Congratulations! You’ve made up your mind and intend to take one of the most difficult steps to recover: asking for help. Good for you at being proactive and starting the walk to recovery and good health.

Now all you need to do is find someone who is willing to walk that path with you. That’s right, you need an addiction counselor! If you don’t know where to start, then the steps mentioned below will be of great help. If you already have a counselor, you can simply use them to reaffirm your faith in that professional.

Start Looking

Finding the right addiction counselor could be as simple as looking up the local professionals in your area on the internet. Do some research, find out the kind of addictions they have helped others with, and then make an appointment.

Alternatively, you could know someone, such as your doctor, a friend, or a loved one, who can recommend one to you. If you set value by their opinion, why not pay the counselor a visit to see if they are the best match for you.

Check Credentials

Whether it is through your research or a referral, you have found someone who you can see as your future counselor. Good! Your next step should be to see if they are credible and competent. You can do that by checking their credentials. Confirm the following at the very least:

Are they who they say they are?

Do they have the right degree associated with this profession?

Do they have a license to practice?

Is the license still valid?

Look for Experience

It would be better if you went to a counselor who has the right kind of experience. For instance you were looking for treatment against a problem with alcohol. In such a case, you’d want an addiction counselor with additional certification that allows them to treat such patients.

You should also look for an addiction counselor who has treated patients with mental issues along with addiction. This is important because most individuals with addiction prevailing throughout their lives are likely to be dealing with comor bid mental health issues.

The objective is to look for someone who you know has the highest chances of helping you get better. Another step that would ensure that happens is mentioned below:

Check Reviews

If you want to know whether the addiction counselor of your choice can help you or not, simply ask! Don’t just ask them. You also need to ask the other people with problems similar to yours whom the counselor may have treated. The best way of doing that is by checking reviews online.

Just keep three things in mind while checking those reviews:

  1. Not all good addiction counselors have internet presence. So don’t depend just on the reviews.
  2. Excellent reviews do not an excellent counselor make since some reviews could be fake or paid for. Therefore, don’t just depend on good reviews.

Once you’ve found the right addiction counselor, they will be treating your addiction issues on different levels, including medical, physical, and psychological. Finding the right fit will go a long way, so it is better to get started right away!