Low Cost Child Health Insurance – Affordable Medical Insurance Plans

Low Cost Child Health Insurance - Affordable Medical Insurance Plans

Private health insurance can be taken up by consumers by paying a monthly premium for individuals or families. There are various advantages that private health insurance provides and below are just some of the reasons why consumers should be taking up one.

Choices! Choices! Choices! You have more choices with a private health insurance.

You can cater the coverage to your specific needs. For example, group health insurance does not usually come with maternity coverage. If this might be important to you, not only can you opt for the coverage but you can also decide upon the level of the coverage.

Besides adding on to the coverage, you can also choose to drop any options or cover that you deem unnecessary. This can help reduce your premium quite significantly.


You also get to choose the deductible and the copayment of the insurance plan. By choosing a higher deductible (must be within your financial limits), you also get to bring down your premium. You can also choose to bring down your monthly premiums by eliminating items that are needless for yourself or the family in the plan.

One big advantage of private health insurance as compared to employer sponsored group insurance is that your coverage is valid and yours as long as you pay the premium. Hence the insurance coverage for yourself and your family is independent of external circumstances like job, unemployment etc.

Private health insurances are more stringent in their conditions of acceptance. Consumers have to undergo health checks and some pre-existing conditions may render a person ineligible for private health insurance for those conditions.

Private health insurances also base their premiums on age. Hence the premiums will rise gradually in correlation with the consumers’ age. Hence it is critical to review the private health insurance cost annually and decide if maintaining the private health insurance is the best choice for you.

Private health insurance may also be less comprehensive than group health insurance. Hence often, consumers will find that conditions and treatments (such as maternity) once covered by their private health insurance are no longer valid.

There is a variety of choices out there for private health insurance and consumers can search online for the best plan for them with optimal coverage at a reasonable cost. For some consumers, it might be better to enlist help of trained professionals who can suggest the best private health insurance for them based on their needs.

Watch the video related to private health

Sen. Paul questions effectiveness of government welfare programs and supports more private charity.

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18 Responses to Low Cost Child Health Insurance – Affordable Medical Insurance Plans

  1. Proud Texan says:

    I am particularly pleased with the ban on denying coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

    Millions of people have lost their jobs and their health care insurance. If they can afford to buy a private plan, which many cannot, they will be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. By the time someone reaches the age of 40, he or she probably has some such conditions, which are considered to be anything for which a patient has been diagnosed with or treated for.

    Let’s be realistic: We are all going to pay for this change in our health care plans, but the cost will be small for each of us. It can be devastating for an individual. Most pre-existing conditions can be treated with prescription drugs and do not require surgery or other expensive remedies.

    I am not comfortable with the government running our health care, but this is one issue I am very pleased about.

  2. Go for it! says:

    Socialism = Obama's health care plan

    Capitalism = McCain's health care plan

    I'll go with capitalism, thanks.


  3. roxy says:

    The truth is not of interest to his people.

    that's the only reason he's as far as he is now.

  4. djjezza says:

    dude…. dude…. dude. you are so unbelievably funny. you need your own show.

  5. lilmissfoxygirl says:

    I love being in the UK :)

  6. Cat lover says:

    I like what you have written. The only thing that really bothered me was the over use of,"has said.." Try and find another way to express what was said. Example:
    McCain feels that the only way to control the rising cost of
    health insurances is to……
    Obama believes that if the government had more control…..
    Otherwise what you have written is fine.

  7. targeteer26 says:

    Aside from the language this guy was hilarious. I feel sorry for the call center workers at these health insurance companies though.

  8. Enigma says:

    With no IRS and no income tax.. there will be nothing to take *any* kind of deductions from. There will also be no way to use an income tax system to penalize some and reward others depending on who is in or out of favor with politicians.

  9. dontknower says:

    Says a lot about those owners imo.

  10. solimiansky says:

    he has afunny show on kpfk

  11. Stahelle says:

    Do not forget about the under-insured middle-class. The rest sound like a good start. It's food for thought, thanks.

    added: I read the sad answers you received for your other question. It's shocking to think that in this country, my neighbor can call the fire-department to come and get her cat out of a tree, at no charge. But she cannot afford to have an ambulance transport her husband to the hospital while he's having a heart-attack. It's absolutely inexcusable !

  12. Cat lover says:

    John McCain and Barack Obama disagree primarily on 3 different issues: health care, abortion and education. Barack Obama is pro-choice and John McCain is pro-life. Barack Obama believes that a woman is free to do as she chooses and he doesn’t support Roe vowed; he wants these issue to go to court. On the opposition, John McCain believes abortion should be illegal because the fetus is a living thing in a woman's body and therefore abortion is murder. He supports Roe v. wade and doesn’t want to send the issue to the supreme court .The candidates have different styles of working; Obama supports a plan called “zero to five", but wants to end no child left behind. The candidates agreed on helping chapter’s schools, but strongly disagreed on the effect of vouchers, however McCain believes vouchers are effective. McCain and Obama also have completely different plans for health-care. McCain has stated and implied that the only way to control the rising cost of health insurances is to get prices of medicines and medical procedures under control. Obama has advertised that if the government had more control over health-care, then more people could afford it also he has said to every American has the right to afford health-care .His plans also includes leaving Medicare for the elderly, but provide to those who are unhappy with their health-care. McCain plans focuses mainly on making health-care creative, portable and affordable, as to lower health care costs. Despite their differences, either candidate wold be welcomed to the oval office and most likely do well in their service to their country.

  13. Dana H says:

    He has no good plans.

  14. Nofate1313 says:

    I love how he says sh*t that needs to be said within his comedy. I’ve had this conversation with other people countless times.

  15. Mastikator says:

    These insurance companies really need to get sued a lot more often.

  16. KagakuGakusei says:

    This is the kind of truth that is not funny, just scary.

  17. jiloth7 says:

    I thought it was hilarious, personally. He didn't give many more details than what we already knew.

    He wants to cut spending, but then he blows 125 million for 30 minutes of TV time?

  18. oakglenaltadena says:

    so true,insurance companys suck ass

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