Nasty Turn-Offs for Men & Women- What to Watch out for?

Nasty Turn-Offs for Men & Women- What to Watch out for?

In the last month, one of the Canadian pharmacies described the world famous phrase “health is wealth” in its article in order to attract the attention of all worldwide people. This phrase is absolutely true for females and males as well. According to a leading , males with poor health are generally found with several heart issues and if these people are ignored or not cared well, then they may have various heath issues such as: prostate cancer, diabetes, insomnia, ulcerative colitis, indigestion, urinary tract infection, hair loss, prostatitis, vasectomy, impotence and various other health issues.

According to a leading , some common problems found in males’ health for which most of their medicines sold by them are:


Skin Problems: Like females’ skin, men’s skin also looks beautiful. But they need to use only quality body lotions, creams and skin care products to protect their skin from being oily, dryness etc. If men avoid these small skin issues, then they can develop serious skin disorder. But the major disease found in men is high blood pressure which is very serious.

Pharmacists of a leading believe that mostly patients try to avoid high blood pressure and consider only anti hypertensive treatment for a short duration. They have even confirmed that more than 85% of these people are irresponsible for their medications. They are really unaware of the fact if they control their blood pressure, then it may prevent them from various serious health issues with their vital organs such as kidneys, heart, brain and eyes.

Do not take tea, alcohol, coffee, sugar, soft drinks, chocolate, food colorings, all white flour products and white rice
Don’t go for smoking
Don’t obtain more salt
Take fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin E
Take amla regularly and natural source of vitamin C
Take onion juice to clean the blood, low cholesterol as well as regulate the heart.
Use lecithin and turmeric that are the best remedies
Go for a regular exercise
Get proper sleep

According to Canada pharmacy, normal blood pressure is 120/80. If you have above 140/90, then it is clear that you are having high blood pressure. You can check for some symptoms like: headache, nausea, breathlessness, confusion, blurred vision, insomnia and fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms then go for check up immediately. Diovan may be the right medicine in its treatment.

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5 Responses to Nasty Turn-Offs for Men & Women- What to Watch out for?

  1. browntoastie says:

    (+) Long, slender fingers. Tall, yet shapely. crooked smiles (Weird, I know). husky voice. sultry confidence, but not in an exaggerated manner. assertive. compassionate. trustworthy. witty. amusing and clever. long necks (another unusual one, but not in a vampirism way). full lips. I also have a thing for almond-shaped eyes.

    (-) unkept feet. hairy arms. phony demeanor. immature.

  2. LilMama4u says:

    I think you've listed four of my biggest turn-offs right there… Yeah, I'd say those might be the reasons.

  3. Animacondo says:

    Informative. Thank you.

  4. Knittedinthewomb says:

    Regarding TSCA…I am an Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialist for my career. I worked for 12 years for a speciality chemical company that is on the Fortune 500, 6 of those years in an R&D lab, and 5 of the years as an EHS Specialist, so I have extensive experience with TSCA from the “big business” side.

    I would argue that TSCA does NOT “protect” big business. It isa HUGE PIA to big business.

    I would definitely agree though that it does nothing effective to protect anyone!

  5. MnKLmT says:

    Just thinking about my husband turns me on. Kissing him and him holding me real close. I am obviously female. He likes it when I bite his ear!! LOL!!! I rub his back and that turns him on!!

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