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Oxandrolone 10mg, also known as Anavar, is pretty famous amongst users who are looking forward to use an oral anabolic steroid for cutting cycles. It is well-known to enhance the strength levels in users as well as provide hardening and firming effects on the body.

Besides, being an oral steroid, it is not very toxic to the liver. This means, it has minimum side effects compared to any other steroid and is mild in term of its effects on the endocrine system.

Moreover, looking at the oxandrolone meditech efectos, it is even prescribed to HIV/AIDS patients. Also, it is helpful for burn victims since it aids in the growth of new and healthy tissues.

Positives and Negatives of Oxandrolone

Anavar is highly anabolic in nature with minimum androgenic properties. As a result, there are very few side effects experienced by its male users. However, for women, one of the most common side effects experienced is an enlarged clitoris. Nonetheless, this is only temporary in nature.

Oxandrolone is developed from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to be taken orally. The way it is modified ensures that it metabolizes through liver without causing serious toxic effects. Thus, individuals taking Oxandrolone 10mg tablets are not exposed to any severe hepatotoxic side effects. Besides, since it is derived from DHT, it doesn’t get converted into estrogen. This means, those who are prone to gynocomastia need not worry about developing such conditions.

The right dosage

In general, 50 to 80 mg of Oxandrolone per day is recommended for male users. However, some users have even reported taking as high as 100mg per day. The thing is 100mg of Oxandrolone is the maximum dosage one can take to see its effectiveness.

In simple words, Anavar is at its peak when taken in 100 mg dosage. Nevertheless, if you take more you might experience some progress, but nothing significant. Besides, one shouldn’t forget that Oxandrolone is an expensive steroid.

Anavar can be easily stacked with other steroid to enhance its effectiveness. Nonetheless, individuals have even seen effective results by being on an only Anavar cycle too. In general, beginners start with an only Anavar cycle to ensure that there are no side effects as well as to build a tolerance for the drug. An only Anavar cycle can be used by both men and women, but the cycle length and dosage will differ for both groups.

It is observed that the gains you made using Anavar will stay with you for a while, say minimum 6 months after discontinuing the use of drug.