The medical laser machine is applied in several fields of the health sector. The machine uses applications of the laser such as monochromatic quality of laser light and micro-optical components. Laser machines are used to conduct myriad medical health services, procedures, practices, and specialties. The laser machine puts into use the same principles as those of any other type of a laser. Medical lasers are used by both cosmetic surgeons and medical doctors. Examples of procedures, practices, devices, and specialties where the laser machines are applied include:

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  • Angioplasty- This involves a minimally invasive procedure that entails widening a narrow or obstructed blood vessel, especially arteries and veins. A deflated balloon is attached to a catheter and is passed to the artery by the light beam to the affected blood vessel.
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment- Cancer is an infection that involves the over-multiplication of cells. The laser machine is used to kill cells that have grown abnormally hence reduces cancer. It is used in radiation therapy and targeted therapy to help curb the cancer disease.
  • Cosmetic dermatology- The laser machine is used for many types of cosmetic surgery. Scar revision, skin resurfacing, hair and tattoo removal are some of the cosmetic dermatology that applies the technology of the laser machine.
  • Medical imaging- Lasers are used to create a visualized representation of the interior of the human body. These visualized representation help doctors, researchers and scientist to analyze human anatomy. Medical imaging forms a database for anatomy and physiology to make it possible to identify anomalous infections in the human body. Imaging of tissues and organs by use of lasers also help medics to learn about the functioning of these organs.
  • Ophthalmology- It is a field of medicine that deals with the structure, functioning and diseases of the human eye. It applies the use of laser technology in several ways. These include removal of extraneous blood vessels that might form in the retina and repairing of a detached retina.
  • Frenectomy- A procedure which involves the removal of the frenulum, a tiny fold of tissue that blocks an organ from moving. CO lasers are used surgically to make an incision in the affected tissue.
  • Surgery- Several types of lasers are applied in different kinds of surgical procedures. Lasers can cut through tissues consistently and this is a vital step during surgery. The machine uses an accurately focused beam of carbon dioxide gas. The light beam is consistent and gives out the same amount of energy from the first point of focus to the final point. Lasers are used in eye surgery to correct the retina. They are also used in skin surgery and teeth surgery to remove tattoos and tooth cavities respectively.

Laser technology is vital when it comes to the health sector. This technology should be embraced as it makes certain medical procedures and practices easier and more accurate.