When you want to fully recover from any addiction, you need to go to the right facility. An Addiction detox center is meant for persons with drug and alcohol problems. These centers are fitted with modern equipments and patients are attended to by a team of specialist with expertise in handling recovering addicts.

The kind of rehabilitation that a patient chooses depends on the following factors.

  • Treatment history if there is any
  • The cost of the treatment
  • Responsibilities either to the family or employment (or both)
  • Level of addiction that the patient is at
  • Insurance cover that that the patient has.

A treatment program can be customized by the center to help the patient recover faster while at the same time, coping with his/her daily routines. The therapists at the center handle each patient individually. In addition, they partner with the patient’s close relatives. This helps in making the recovery process easier for the patient.

There are several packages that rehabilitation centers provide for the patients who have decided and are willing to work toward recovery from drug abuse. To get the right package, the personnel consider factors such as the environment, lifestyle, general health, and mental health of the patient.

Detox centers are considered as a safe haven where patients can get the courage and motivation to beat drug addiction.

The homes offer the following packages:

Residential treatment

Residential treatment is also known as an inpatient treatment. This is where the patient receives close monitoring all round the clock. Some recovery centers offers programs that include Group therapies, individual sessions and meetings. However, they emphasize on mental problems since this is the primary focus of the centers. They also touch on other drug related conditions such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Partial Hospitalization treatment

This program provides a flexible structure where both the patient and family members can get involved in the recovery process. For instance, the patient may be allocated a structured time of five day a week, attending a six hour session in a day.

Partial hospitalization helps individuals with either responsibilities at work or obligations with family. However, this arrangement requires commitment and cooperation from all parties involved.

The outpatient treatment

This kind of treatment has fewer days and hours of treatment time. The centre may have a package of 3 days a week; with each session lasting 3 hours.

This program also calls for commitment and discipline on all the parties involved.

Most addiction detox centers provide this program as the last step to full recovery as the level of monitoring is reduced. Patents are advised to maintain discipline and positive environment when they come out of the centers.


There are many detox centers available that can offer help to addicts of alcohol, hard drugs or other narcotics. Their role is to guide and educate the patient how to get out of addiction. In addition, teach patients how to stay off drugs when they return to their normal lives.