The popularity of cognitive enhancing drugs or commonly known as nootropics have gone to a worldwide scale. These types of drugs are believed to be smart enhancers or cognitive enhancers that are taken as a supplement; it mainly targets the neuroactivity of the brain by improving its cognitive function particularly its executive functions like the memory, creativity, motivation and sheer focus to a person who use it regularly in a proper dosage.

It is very popular among many people especially to professionals who work at graveyard shifts, offices and another field of work that needs more analysis and focuses while a lot of students also purchase nootropics during their stressful study days leading to exams, quizzes and important academic activities to make them more effective during their classes.

Its popularity have even reached the Hollywood scene after Bradley Cooper starred in a film titled “Limitless” where he was a subject of an experiment related to smart enhancing drugs which were released in 2011 worldwide.

After the film was released, the popularity of nootropics or smart enhancing drugs has spread like wildfire that made the Food and Drug authorities in some countries to tag it as a controlled substance and pharmaceutical companies who manufacture nootropics were required to regulate the production of it to prevent it to be abused. However, through the power of the technology via the internet, there are a lot of unlicensed and shady pharmaceutical companies that sell nootropics online without proper prescription needed from doctors.

A lot of people are also weighing in the option to start up a business in selling nootropics in a legal way. However, authorities are still studying this kind of option whether it will worsen or normalize the situation of nootropics’ popularity.

Although nootropics are considered as not part of illegal drugs, authorities still want to regulate it due to its side effects that might pose a threat to human health if taken abusively. The authorities’ main reason for regulating nootropics is to protect the normal function of the brain due to the side effects of the drug. The substances found in nootropics are Bacopa, L-Theanine, Noopept, Aniracetam, and Piracetam which are closely linked to boosting brain capabilities.

A lot of sectors in the society especially on the health sector sides the regulation of nootropics and its industry pointing it out as a type of drugs that are alternative to illegal drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamines to name a few even though the drug was already proven to be not addictive and could even curb the impulse activity of the brain that pushes a person to become addicted to such things resulted in vices.

Because of the commotion it created in the media, a lot of people have shown interest in trying it, creating a larger clamor of legalizing it and make it available for over the counter purchases. However, authorities have to make sure first that it is non-toxic and harmful for human consumption. This may take quite a while before tests and studies will be finished.

Nootropics have really become a trend to a lot of people but sadly it cannot be purchased over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. For the meantime, it is worth the try to take natural brain-boosting supplements that are available legally.