Urine testing has usually been linked to tracking alcohol consumption. It has gradually become more and more popular among employers as a tool to check their subordinates for drug consumption. With so much usually at stake when a person is asked to take any drug test, options to cheat have emerged and even gained considerable popularity already. So do you need urine for passing your drug test? The name of this life saver is synthetic urine, or fake pee, as it is also often called.

What exactly is synthetic urine, how easy is it to obtain, and can it really help you pass the much dreaded urine drug test? Let’s find out.

Fake urine mimics real urine quite successfully. It has the same appearance and chemical composition of human urine. It does take some effort to prepare for, though, so a surprise test considerably increases chances of failure, because there are a lot of components to get just right in order to fool the lab technicians.

Follow the Instructions

Synthetic pee can have either of two forms, that of a dry powder or a ready, mixed liquid solution. It does come with very strict instructions for use, especially with the powder type, where the clock starts ticking as soon as you mix it.

In case you want to keep a urine test kit at home for emergencies, you should check its expiration date regularly and make a prompt replacement, should you still want to keep the inventory.

How Successful is It?

If there was no chance to pass a drug test with fake urine, it simply wouldn’t exist. Many people have been quite successful at cheating with the help of this method.

It is however quite dangerous to practice, since the least that can happen to you if you get caught is a fine, check out why. And we are not even going to start discussing your job retention prospects.

What’s the Checklist?

What gives you the highest chance at passing? Your fake urine needs to meet an extensive list of requirements, such as urea/uric acid, nitrates, creatine, proper temperature, Ph and gravity,  and last but not least, it needs to have the look and smell of real urine.

Things are much easier if you are given the privacy of your home bathroom to provide the urine sample. Needless to say, if you are being watched or attended to, cheating is close to an impossible task.

What if You Need to Provide Real Urine?

If you are going to have to provide the real deal, after all, try not to drink water excessively, strain yourself with too much exercise or eat oily stuff the day before. And the best recipe for a calm and collected mind on test day is refraining from drug use in the first place.