It’s in the moments when our body changes due to older age that we try to find solutions on how to make ourselves look younger. A lot of people choose beauty products in almost any form to keep them from getting wrinkles and give them the energy they had during their youth.

However, there are others that turn to substances such as human growth hormones (HGH) to help them in this endeavor. In this article, we’ll be discussing the basics of HGH from its benefits to how to buy HGH from websites online.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormones are found in the body, secreted by the brain — specifically the pituitary gland. Based on its name, it’s main purpose is to orchestrate our growth which means it’s more abundant in children compared to adults.

Growth hormones are responsible for cell production, growth and regeneration. These are involved with development of bone and muscle density in our body. As we grow, the level of growth hormones in our body diminishes. In some cases, they are nearly depleted or too low that the body can’t function well.

There are also cases where certain health issues such as kidney failure cause low levels of HGH production.

Who can get HGH?

For cases of HGH deficiency or insufficiency, synthetic HGH substances are injected into the body of the affected individual. The injected substance then acts as a substitute for the lost HGH.

However, only those that are in need and affected by HGH can get these injections. Athletes, bodybuilders, or merely common people who want to use it for muscle gain without clear need of it is illegal. In fact, buying HGH should be prohibited without a doctor’s prescription.

How to Buy HGH

If you think you need one, you should have yourself checked. Normally, a blood testing will happen. If the result is positive, your doctor will prescribe you a brand and proper dosage based on your needs. They can also recommend you to a possible center where you can get HGH therapy.

Where do I buy HGH?

If you’re in Mexico, you should be able to find HGH in most pharmacies. But you can also get help from reputable clinics and centers. Anti-aging clinics are one of the best to go-to places in Mexico for a legitimate HGH therapy.

There are even some places that will help you legally get an HGH supplement in your state or country if you only visited Mexico.

These places normally have online websites that enables you to learn more about them as well as the brands they carry. It’s best that you take the time to research each place well and see the unbiased opinions of past patients and customers.

If you also personally know someone who has undergone an HGH treatment, it’s best that you ask them which clinic, pharmacy, or website they go to. Ask their opinion about the place and then research the place for yourself. This way, you have a reliable source.

Benefits of HGH

But what makes growth hormones so popular?

For children who are suffering from HGH deficiency, synthetic treatments enables them to grow normally like other children.

For adults, it helps keep them looking and feeling young. HGH gives them energy, helps them lose weight not only through making lipolysis faster but also by giving them the energy to perform well and exercise better. Plus, it also aids in the development of lean muscles, stronger bones, and better bone and muscle density.

There are even studies about the benefits of HGH on our cognitive functions. Elderly people who are having a hard time with the rapid decrease of their brain function can get help from HGH to keep them sharp. Besides mental functions, treatments have also shown benefits for better sleep and better mood.

Side effects of HGH

However, HGH is not a miracle worker all of the time. Abuse it and it would backfire. Instead of getting benefits, you’ll only be getting minor to major health issues.

The following are the side effects of HGH:

  • Swelling of arms and legs due to fluid retention
  • Numbing and tingling sensation in the skin
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Kidney damage
  • Development of cancerous tumors
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
  • Abnormal growth of arms, hands, legs, and feet

Besides using HGH above the prescribed dosage, you can also feel the side effects of HGH if you’re using it when you don’t actually need it. The body won’t accept an unnecessary substance and will react negatively.

Moreover, be extra careful and use HGH brands that are legitimate. You should also be wary of imitation brands.


Knowing where to buy HGH and how to do it is extremely important of you want to heal your body instead of making the problems worse. It may take a lot of processes to finally get treatments, but the end result is worth all the hassle.