Due to medication, it is possible to lose one’s hair that you are using to cure a particular disease. It is mainly common with those persons who are undergoing chemotherapy. Alopecia is also commonly referred to as Chemotherapy hair loss. This is a condition in which the rapidly growing cells of hair follicles are injured during its treatment process. It is not fixed, fortunately, and patients who are sustaining chemotherapy can still grow back their hair once they complete the treatment.

During your treatment will cause chemotherapy hair loss, it is important to know that not all the drugs you take. Others will see you lose your hair on every part of your body and some only serve to reason your hair to thin including your eyebrows. Chemotherapy hair loss can happen at the time it is least expected or it could happen at the time it is expected.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss prevention

To prevent chemotherapy hair loss is possible, even if we may not completely stop it, we may at least assure the hair fall control. The scalp of the patient is cooled down by using a cold cap. It works to ban the circulation of blood from going your hair follicles. Before the patient goes in for treatment, the cap will usually be put on the patient and after the treatment for about 3 hours. Until then the individual who is not using the cap, a patient who uses this cap, stay for a longer period of time. In chemotherapy hair loss, it is optional to use or not to use the cold cap to prevent since some people cannot bear the coldness of it.

Most of the patients who are suffering chemotherapy hair loss are always provided with wigs that they can use over their heads to cover it. A few days after the first chemotherapy, hair loss starts to be noticed or a few weeks after the first chemotherapy it can become visibly noticeable.  Moreover, after six months of the final treatment, you should have regained your hair, though it will still be the good type of hair.

The kind of drug you will be using will cause your hair loss or not, the doctor will always inform you. Furthermore, they will also help you to know why the cold cap treatment will work with fixed chemotherapy drugs.

There are many stars and celebrities who have been motivating the patients who are undergoing the treatment of chemotherapy and the biggest name in this list is of Yuvraj Singh who fought cancer and came out victorious. He also posted his photo after the chemotherapy was done on him and in the picture, we could easily see the result of the chemotherapy in the form of hair fall.