Jinomz is a new revolution in health sector because it provide an offer to its customers for health analysis. The biochemistry of customers can easily be found by the experts. They provide this service online by providing folks with good quality service. The analytic test of any person is performed in high tech labs. Precaution is always better than cure, therefore, they analyze the DNA and microbiome of the customers then prepare precious medicine for those customers. The products are made up only for educational purpose.

The supplement they provide to customers is 3D printed which improves health without any side effect because these supplements are specially designed according to body requirement.

Jinomz health care is also providing personalized skincare for better results. For young and healthy skin try the service once and see the results. From online store of Jinomz order kit of Jinomz, collect the DNA, blood, and microbiome of your body by following the instructions. Send it to back in a prepaid envelope. The result of your test will be sent to you soon within few weeks. After reviewing it with your physician you can take the 3D printed personalized supplement.

How we provide our service?

The service of Jinomz is provided in three steps.

  1. Prepare a kit to analysis the customers:

To collect DNA, Blood test Jinomz has prepared the special kit. It can be received by ordering on the website.

  1. Prepare data to take action: After analysis and all tests they prepare the data to take action and information about your health.
  2. Create special supplement:

When they get all information about your health on the basis of analysis then they design special supplement and personalized skincare products for you. The 3D printing supplements are prepared and it is really remarkable.

www.jinomz.com is the website where you can visit and order the Jinomz kit to know about health and how to improve it by taking supplements. Jinomz Company has become a revolution but it is only for an educational purpose not medical.

Jinomz formula is DNA analysis + Blood marker + Gut Microbiome analysis. After the analysis, the experts prepare 3D printed special supplement according to your report which protects you from all kind of physical problems. They prepare precision medicine which is always better than normal medicine because the motto of Jinomz is to protect their customers and keep them healthy always.