You may know about the alcoholism or alcohol addiction. Do you know what makes the person Alcoholic or addicted to Alcohol? If you don’t know, then reading this article might help you understand how a person can get addicted to alcohol. It will also help you prevent your loved ones from these risk factors. The more the risk factors, the maximum the person is going to be the alcoholic. Sometimes these risk factors are out of the person’s control. However, with some care and restriction, one can prevent themselves from alcohol addiction.

Here are 4 the most common causes of alcohol addiction:

1. Stress

Stressful jobs and stressful environment are one of the prominent factors that make person alcoholic. Not every person prefers alcohol to reduce stress, but most of them do it. People who deal with stress daily or having stressful jobs tend to de-stress themselves daily by taking alcohol. There are several ways to deal with stress like meditation, reading books or watching movies, etc. rather than alcohol.

2. Mental Health issues

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and other diseases are also the cause of alcoholism. It is easy to turn on to alcohol and drug when a person is mentally depressed or feels anxious. They take alcohol to get rid of the feeling, but this effect is temporary, which lead to drinking more and more alcohol to get rid of feelings and makes them addicted to alcohol.

3. Taking Medicines that contain alcohols

Some of the medicines have alcohol as an ingredient when a person continues to take such types of medicine regularly they become addicted to it. They become addicted to that effects and follows to take medication or alcohol which is not even dangerous but life-threatening.

4. Family History

If your parents or grandparents have alcohol addiction, then your chances of becoming alcoholic increase. There are two parts affecting for the cause, one is genetics, and other is the environment. When you grow up around the people who drink heavily, then alcohol can influence you to do the same. Visit this site about addiction to know how family history can affect your alcohol addiction.